Launching Spring 2014

Launching Spring 2014

The Elexu Partnership Programme commences this spring and will deliver strategic advantage across a spectrum of partner requirements, namely:

  • Branding, advertising and promotion
  • Digital content and mobile strategy
  • Research and development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

There are a range of bespoke arrangements, as well as multiple entry points along our programme timeline.

However, though late-stage partners can certainly benefit, the EPP is structured to deliver the greatest financial, strategic and operational return to partners who join early.

“First Mover” partners gain unprecedented access to a highly-motivated, digitally-engaged, socially-connected network of young people.

This is a group eager to share not just their rants and raves, but also their digital personae, consumer behaviors, user-generated content and broader interactive footprint, making the EPP an ideal opportunity for organisations committed to web, social and mobile innovation.