Break away from the herd

Break away from the herd

How do you know if Elexu’s EPP is right for you, your client, your organisation or your cause?

Frankly, the Partnership Programme is not for everyone.

We’ve found that it takes a very special kind of partner to realize, and moreover capitalize, on the benefits gained by working with an early-stage, high-growth media company like Elexu. These organizations tend to be recognized leaders in their sector, committed to highest standards of business practice for both customers and employees, and with a willingness to take strategic leaps, rather than pursuing straight-line paths to growth.

As we see it, Elexu Partners are forward-thinking organizations who demonstrate:

  • A real passion for interactive entertainment and connected media
  • A portfolio of products and services that appeal to our core youth market
  • An ethos of transformative business practice (economic, social, environmental, etc.)
  • A commitment to creating meaningful outcomes for both consumers and communities
  • A culture of innovation and organizational zeal to exploit first-mover advantage