Marketing, R&D and social transformed

Marketing, R&D and social transformed

The Elexu Partnership Programme (EPP) is an innovative broadcast, connected web and social marketing initiative which allows forward-thinking organizations to participate in Elexu’s early-stage growth.

EPP partners sponsor bespoke online competitions and interactive broadcasts which align seamlessly with current advertising, marketing and branding campaigns. They also access Elexu's rich mix of programming, development and analytics consultancy, making Elexu the ideal partner for organisations seeking to transform their social media, marketing, e-commerce and R&D activities.

Contact us at or on +44 (0) 207 734 8294.


Working with brands, agencies and charities to realize the full potential of interactive social television.


Shape the direction and growth Elexu -- an ideal test environment for programme and campaign development.

Partner Profile

Tailored to your strategic requirements, campaign goals and budget, Elexu has an opportunity for you.

Programme Costs

No administrative costs and attractive sponsorship opportunities - Elexu's Partnership Programme, the smart investment.


Bespoke investment opportunities for organisations seeking to benefit from Elexu's early-stage growth.


Meeting community, development and partner goals with the launch of Elexu’s Partnership Programme.


A global platform for a global audience - express your interest today

Current Partners

Meet our current partners.