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Broaden the Reach

Together we can ensure the impact of Elexu is going to be like no other social platform. Content from Elexu will be adapted for your computer, your television and your mobile device. We want each user's message to be clearly read, heard, watched and experienced. To achieve this we partner with world-class technology providers operating in this space to enhance our own capabilities.

HTML5 Television

2013 will see Connected Television moving forward apace and blurring the boundaries between the Internet and your television at home. Many companies including Google and Apple are working hard on a platform to allow Internet companies to target TV viewers and we are taking advantage of this emerging technology.

We are working tirelessly to ensure your viewing experience from day one is great on all the devices you use to watch TV content.

Investing in Elexu

If you are intrigued by the opportunities Elexu presents, and if you are excited by the possibilities just like we are, do contact us for an investor documentation package. A relatively small team of visionary investors will have the opportunity to partner with us and gain the most by investing in Elexu before our public offering. The window of opportunity is now so get in touch.