Working together

Working together

Elexu is a powerful, self-sustaining and outcomes-oriented broadcast ecosystem.

How it works...

Brands, agencies and advertisers gain criticial audience exposure through Elexu’s IPTV framework. With our turnkey platform, they can significantly reduce the cost and time involved in initiating new campaigns.  Elexu also breaks down channel barriers, giving brands from every sector...not just media and entertainment...the opportunity to produce and distribute high-quality, entertaining and targeted interactive content. And best of all, these outcomes are achievable at a fraction of the cost, time and resources normally associated with broadcast.

Charities, NGOs and other non-profits also play a key role in Elexu's ecosystem. Using our interactive social broadcast tools, non-profits are empowered to showcase their work in a much more engaging and entertaining manner than ever before.  In this way, not only can they reach new audiences, charities also can drive high-value supporter behaviours, including in-video donations, campaign registration and volunteer signups.  This enables non-profits to cost-effectively expand and diversify their funding and support bases, crucial in these challenging economic times.

Community members are also a key ecosystem constituency. Using Elexu's social sharing, recommendation and interactive broadcast features, members gain widespread recognition and financial support for their personal and professional projects.  By developing and nurturing a loyal fan base, members are able to proactively and transparently monetize their multimedia content, personal viewing habits, and supporter activity through Elexu's contest, e-commerce and advertising opportunities. 

Lastly, viewers form the final component of the Elexu ecosystem. For the first time, audiences can really lean in and immerse themselves in an innovative new form of entertainment.  Whether at home or on-the-go, Elexu makes our interactive competitions and serialized TV formats viral, fun and entertaining for viewers by incorporating in-video features such as voting, donating, and purchasing.  All the while Elexu delivers its broadcast-quality TV experience over the web, enabling viewers to influence programme outcomes 24/7 and in real-time.