Seasoned leadership

Seasoned leadership

Elexu is led by a team of dedicated professionals with deep domain expertise in media, consulting, internet design & development, legal, finance, sales and marketing. Additionally our team is backed by partnerships with leading brands, agencies and universities, as well as our professional service groups which include reporting accountants, law firms, PR firms, and investment banks.

David, our founder and CEO, is a world class leader with strong managerial and sales background from a range of industries including Media, Health Care and Politics. Before setting up Elexu, David acted as the Executive Secretary of LFIG (a UK government advisory group), NED at Global Health Design and Business Manager at Cardinal Health. Since 2009 he has been the Chairman of the South African Chamber of Commerce in London.

Romans, our CTO, is also the inventor of the Agile Toolkit and owner of Agile Technologies Ltd. He founded this company to facilitate large web development projects for start-up companies and SMEs, like Elexu. Additionally, he has worked on numerous projects for companies like Accenture, MasterCard, Regus, Procter & Gamble in the UK, Europe and Japan.

Cherryl, our CMO, is a talented strategist and marketer with strong branding, client development, business development and delivery/operational skills experience. Cherryl has an established track record within fast-paced organisations, including both FTSE 100 and high-growth start-ups (among others: Kaplan, Pearsons and Lehman Brothers).

Martin, our Director of Research and Development, is an experienced data and business analyst with IT background and strong commercial acumen. He has previously worked as an analyst in Marks and Spencer and Cogent Law and as a Process Consultant at NeXA. Martin excels in designing simple solutions for complex problems between business and IT staff.

Christy, our Creative Director, is a results driven manager with experience in leading corporate marketing strategies across a number of departments. Respected leader of creative teams with exceptional communication, organizational, and problem solving skills. Recognized for innovative online tactics and building strategic partnerships to drive successful campaigns from concept to completion. 

Simon, our in house legal counsel via Keystone Law, Simon is a distinguished figure in the legal world and the financial and tech world having been a co-founder of the internet micro-financing site Zopa, as well as a former Head of Legal for Amazon.