Elexu Foundation

As we witness the convergence of TV, the Internet and social networking, we're observing an exciting time in human history. Unfortunately, not all segments of society are poised to benefit from this transformational moment. That’s why The Elexu Foundation (Registered Charity No.: 1145975) was created—to help charities and other voluntary organizations gain maximum benefit from new technologies like Elexu.

The aim of the Foundation is to promote social inclusion and connectivity through media. We achieve this by empowering charities to use the Elexu platform to host competitions, showcase important projects, reach out to communities in need and raise critical funding. In this way, the Foundation helps create new, entertaining and transparent ways to award grants, attract donations and deliver support, while encouraging a much broader audience to get involved.

The Foundation also supports individual agents for change by helping them bring attention to the causes they care about. Elexu's passionate members are able organize their own charitable competitions using the umbrella of the Foundation. In this way, members don't need to register and administer their own charity (which can be time-consuming and costly) to make amazing change possible.

And finally, the Foundation works closely with young people and related third sector organizations to find new and meaningful ways to reconnect in the digital age.

For more information about The Elexu Foundation or to consider serving as a volunteer, Adminstrator or Trustee, please contact us at info@elexu.org.