New Content, Formats, and Interactions

New Content, Formats, and Interactions

Elexu provides members with ready access to the Three Pillars -- capital, content and connections -- by hosting and broadcasting interactive online competitions. Brands and charities donate funding or in-kind support, with members participating as candidates, voters or viewers.

Elexu makes the sponsored competitions viral, fun and entertaining by utilising features like voting, donating, and recommending, all while delivering a broadcast-quality interactive TV experience over the Internet.

High-profile competitions are serialized into new and compelling reality formats like The Candidate™.

New Content

Great content excites audiences, builds fans, wins competitions and earns financial rewards.

New Formats

Say goodbye to Twitter walls and hello to interactive broadcast.

New Interactions

Lean in to the brand new world of television.

New Audiences

Identity, synchronicity, community and commerce - what audiences crave from interactive TV