TV like never before!

TV like never before!

Elexu (pronounced: Elects You!) is an innovative new media company headquartered in London. Join our global community and be among the first to experience our new Social Interactive TV platform. Merging social networking, online competitions and interactive broadcasting, Elexu delivers the first truly interactive social TV experience.

Social Interactive TV

Merging social networking and online competitions with traditional broadcast to create a new socially interactive TV experience.

Interactive Entertainment

Take control of the viewing experience with Elexu's interactive broadcast features

IPTV Broadcast

High-quality interactive content at a fraction of the cost, time and resources traditionally associated with broadcast.

Sponsored Competitions

Elexu members vie for valuable prizes and rewards in high-profile, brand-sponsored competitions.

Connected Web

How Elexu uses social media and the power of the connected web for social good