NEWS | YouTube is now more popular than on desktops

Google and YouTube are battling it out to be the second most visited site on the internet.

For the first time ever more people visited than in December 2015. The video platform’s monthly desktop visits outstripped the search giant’s by 5.3 per cent at the end of the year.

But neither of the sites came close to beating Facebook, which remains the most popular site in the world.
Facebook finished December 2015 with 18.65 trillion visits, according to figures from web analyst Similar Web. YouTube came in second at 15.7 trillion visits, with Google at 14.9 trillion.

It is significant that YouTube and Google's change in ranking came over the Christmas period. The popular sites, which are both owned by holding company Alphabet, fluctuate in popularity across the week - Google is top through the working week and YouTube at the weekend.

It makes sense that as people had more time off over the holidays there were more visits to YouTube than Google.

But these figures just account for desktop visits to the sites. When mobile traffic is taken into consideration, Google has 34.2 per cent more traffic.

The data doesn't include visits to Google's international sites like YouTube redirects all international traffic to 

The statistics come as Alphabet is set to release its first earnings report later today. It will report two rounds of results - one for Google Inc. and one for “other bets.” It is possible that Alphabet will surpass Apple as the world’s most valuable company with the results tonight.

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