INSPIRATION | 3 out of 5 Broadband households now have a connected TV

Have you heard? It’s the end of traditional TV. Or at least the beginning of the end. Yes, it’s official, connected TV is taking over! 

A recent study confirmed that 63% of people now have at least one connected TV at home. This number has increased by 19% compared to last year (January 2013) when only 53% of broadband households had connected TV.

We are entering an era where people can’t live without being connected 24/7. We never would have thought that even television would be killed by the Internet ten years ago. 

So why is the connected TV taking over then? Well, first of all, Connected TV is another word for Smart TV, and who wouldn’t want that at home? I sure would. 

NEWS | Connected TV takes over
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The first wave of connected TVs called “Web TVs” failed because people were assuming that no one would browse the Internet and check their emails on their TV. But the smart TV we’re talking about now is different. 

We’re talking about an Internet-enabled TV that improves the viewing experience of a traditional television. People can watch their favourite programs, films and series on demand. But that’s not it, they can also interact with photos and music as easily as with a smartphone. 

According to BI Intelligence, by 2015, more households will have connected TVs than normal ones, and by 2018, there will be more than 759 million televisions connected to the internet worldwide. 

I think we can assume that it is officially the end of traditional TV. In less than a year, almost every households will have at least one connected TV at home. And if there is one thing we know about our society, it’s that things go fast. I am 100% sure that in ten years, connected TV will be everywhere or might even be old-fashioned. Who knows what will be next?  

Are you ready to jump on the Smart TV train before something else comes up? 
--Flora Frichou, Elexu Advertising & Campaigns

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