Why choose Elexu?

Why choose Elexu?

Elexu offers a compelling array of products and services, including:

  • interactive IPTV broadcasting
  • entertaining, reality-based competitions
  • mobile apps for social TV
  • e-commerce marketplace solutions
  • bespoke analytics and advertising

As a result Elexu attracts clients from a wide range of industries including media, retail, fashion, banking, telecoms, non-profit, education, government, entertainment and technology. In addition to our client work, we also offer attractive partnership, joint venture and supplier opportunities to organizations within those key sectors.


Elexu is a global media company launching a new worldwide Social Interactive TV platform.

Three Pillars

Elexu's mission is to democratize opportunity for all; we call this “Empowering People.”

Client Work

From social gaming to geo-discovery apps to our own IPTV platform, Elexu delivers quality interactive media solutions.


Revolutionary entertainment, revolutionary careers. Explore current roles and opportunities with Elexu social interactive television.


Located in Soho, Elexu's headquarters are at the center of London's entertainment and media innovation corridor.

Elexu Blog

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